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Jĭngxíng Xiàn

County in Shíjiāzhuāng Shì


The population of Jĭngxíng Xiàn.

Jĭngxíng Xiàn井陉县County309,882
Shíjiāzhuāng Shì [incl. Xīnjí]石家庄市Prefecture-level City10,163,788

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The population of the townships in Jĭngxíng Xiàn.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Bĕizhèng Xiāng北正乡Rural TownshipJĭngxíng Xiàn10,680
Cāngyánshān Zhèn苍岩山镇TownJĭngxíng Xiàn6,908
Cèyú Zhèn测鱼镇TownJĭngxíng Xiàn13,161
Nánwángzhuāng Xiāng南王庄乡Rural TownshipJĭngxíng Xiàn9,044
Nánxíng Xiāng南陉乡Rural TownshipJĭngxíng Xiàn6,263
Nányù Zhèn南峪镇TownJĭngxíng Xiàn13,741
Nánzhàngchéng Zhèn南障城镇TownJĭngxíng Xiàn8,707
Shàng'ān Zhèn上安镇TownJĭngxíng Xiàn24,397
Sūnzhuāng Xiāng孙庄乡Rural TownshipJĭngxíng Xiàn16,285
Tiāncháng Zhèn天长镇TownJĭngxíng Xiàn38,656
Wēishuĭ Zhèn微水镇TownJĭngxíng Xiàn64,722
Wēizhōu Zhèn威州镇TownJĭngxíng Xiàn25,830
Wújiāyáo Xiāng吴家窑乡Rural TownshipJĭngxíng Xiàn12,824
Xiăozuò Zhèn小作镇TownJĭngxíng Xiàn18,338
Xīnzhuāng Xiāng辛庄乡Rural TownshipJĭngxíng Xiàn8,786
Xiùlín Zhèn秀林镇TownJĭngxíng Xiàn25,535
Yújiā Xiāng于家乡Rural TownshipJĭngxíng Xiàn6,005

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Townships, districts and counties as of 2018 (as far as sufficient information is available). Area figures are computed by using geospatial data.