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Suìchāng Xiàn

County in Lìshuĭ Shì / 丽水市


The population of Suìchāng Xiàn.

Suìchāng Xiàn遂昌县County190,165
Lìshuĭ Shì丽水市Prefecture-level City2,116,957

Contents: Townships

The population of the townships in Suìchāng Xiàn.

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Name NativeStatusCity / District / CountyPopulation
Ānkŏu Xiāng垵口乡Rural TownshipSuìchāng Xiàn4,402
Bĕijiè Zhèn北界镇TownSuìchāng Xiàn6,630
Càiyuán Xiāng蔡源乡Rural TownshipSuìchāng Xiàn2,017
Dàzhè Zhèn大柘镇TownSuìchāng Xiàn12,733
Gāopíng Xiāng高坪乡Rural TownshipSuìchāng Xiàn3,895
Huángshāyāo Zhèn黄沙腰镇TownSuìchāng Xiàn4,442
Húshān Xiāng湖山乡Rural TownshipSuìchāng Xiàn6,855
Jiāotān Xiāng焦滩乡Rural TownshipSuìchāng Xiàn2,148
Jīnzhú Zhèn金竹镇TownSuìchāng Xiàn9,687
Liánzhú Xiāng濂竹乡Rural TownshipSuìchāng Xiàn2,267
Lóngyáng Xiāng龙洋乡Rural TownshipSuìchāng Xiàn2,847
Miàogāo Zhèn妙高镇TownSuìchāng Xiàn71,699
Sānrén Shēzú Xiāng三仁畲族乡Rural TownshipSuìchāng Xiàn7,079
Shíliàn Zhèn石练镇TownSuìchāng Xiàn10,299
Wángcūnkŏu Zhèn王村口镇TownSuìchāng Xiàn6,310
Xīfàn Xiāng西畈乡Rural TownshipSuìchāng Xiàn2,446
Xīnlùwān Zhèn新路湾镇TownSuìchāng Xiàn7,818
Yīngcūn Xiāng应村乡Rural TownshipSuìchāng Xiàn5,779
Yúnfēng Zhèn云峰镇TownSuìchāng Xiàn16,450
Zhèdàikŏu Xiāng柘岱口乡Rural TownshipSuìchāng Xiàn4,362

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics (web).

Explanation: Towns and urban subdistricts may have some rural population. Districts and counties as of 2018 (as far as sufficient information is available).